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Flue diameter125
Heat output5
Fuel typeMultifuel
OK for smokeless zoneYes
Coloured finishBlack or brown
Made ofCast iron
Flue exit pointTop or rear

The Aga (Coalbrookdale) Little Wenlock is a classic cast iron stove suited to the smaller room. The Little Wenlock has airwash to keep the glass clear and an impressive 79% efficiency rating.

The woodburning version is approved for burning wood in smoke control areas.


Overall this stove has a user rating of (4.2*) from 17 reviews.

"Great Little Wenlock! I've had our Little Wenlock for almost 18 months now, and used it through 2 winters. Very pleased with it. It has no problem heating my 8m x 4m north facing front room in a very old (under insulated) house. You need to be careful with log size as the fire box is a little narrower than most. My installation uses the rear flue exit rather than the top. The stove will run overnight on solid fuel, but not logs. Air wash is OK, glass rarely needs cleaning if you burn very dry logs. I tend to leave bottom vent closed when it is up to temp and leave top vent open unless it is really burning hard. Overall I'm very pleased with it."

Rating Overall5.0*
Reviewed by:KJ - 9th April 2012
Stove Expert Replied:Performing well and producing good heat.

"Aga Little Wenlock Classic SE We have owned/operated this stove for just over two years and love it, our house was heated by white meter storage heaters which were a joke, house was boiling hot in the morning but freezing by tea time so we looked for an answer and this was it, it cost a lot of cash to have the chimney reopened and fire place built but the heat was amazing. We were new to log burning and made a lot of basic errors but have taken it all in and are well informed now. We have over fired and damaged the baffle, bought (damp)wood from the petrol station forecourt, didn't get the chimney swept for over a year and a half and so on but as I said you learn and we now have two log stores, a chainsaw and a 5t log splitter but the best aftermarket item is the magnetic thermometer and if you don't have one get one, you will save fuel and save damage to your stove, also a moisture meter will tell at a glance if your logs are safe to burn. This winter we have been trying out sawdust briquettes and they were a big success, not cheap but great, I know a lot of people install a stove to save cash but if you do buy logs give the briquettes a try. After two years we have had to replace all the fire bricks at 80 and the baffle at 20 but we did abuse the wee stove and a lesser make may well be in a skip by now, Aga stoves have a 5 year guarantee and that is with a company you can phone - try doing that with a cheap stove made in China ! no brainer for my hard earned cash. We recommend this stove strongly!"

Rating Overall5.0*
Reviewed by:Mr S Gamble - 26th March 2012
Stove Expert Replied:A customer who has learnt a great deal since becoming a stove owner. They are not always the cheapest option but they are the heart of the home!.

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