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The Highlander 5 has been developed to increase the choice of the householder, using the same superb burning technology as the Highlander 7. Same air wash system, same shaker system only slightly smaller, but can still take logs up to 280mm long, same range of sustainable fuel, same metallic black finish, solid brass handles as standard, with black handles available on request.

The Highlander 5 differs from the Highlander 7 as follows - the overall size is smaller, this has enabled the design of the door to be altered, so that on the Highlander 5 there is only one door to open for re-fuelling and removing ashes. This also means that the safety precaution to prevent overfiring is automatically provided for.


Overall this stove has a user rating of (4.6*) from 12 reviews.

"Highlander 5 multi-fuel I've had our Little Wenlock for almost 18 months now, and used it through 2 winters. This is a cracking little stove. It is easily lighted with paper and sticks and I burn mainly mixed ovoids (smokeless fuel). Once it is up to temperature I shut it down completely and use it on tick over all the time. A small shovel of fuel lasts 4-5 hours and the heat output is such that we never close the room doors downstairs and on many occasions open the stairs door to let the heat go upstairs. The only drawback with using the stove like this is the glass is constantly black. Using this fuel the stove easily stops in overnight and most of the next day, the residual heat the next morning is just as warm as the night before. Had it 2 years and not had to replace anything and last winter never switched on the central heating once. Highly satisfied with heat output and running cost."

Rating Overall4.7*
Reviewed by:Mick - 10th October 2012
Stove Expert Replied:This stove should be given short periods of fast burn at least twice a day for 15 - 20 mins. Using it in the shut down position for prolonged periods can lead to chimney problems.

"Delighted with this stove We have the Enviroburn Solo model of this stove. Solo is just a styling difference: slightly more modern in appearance. My wife did tons of research including this site (thanks) and chose the Dunsley as it appeared to be the only multifuel that was totally approved for smoke exempt(wood AND coal) in this price range. (I paid 745.) It's unbelievably easy to light, rolled up newspaper, few sticks, log on top, away you go. The grate has two positions, open for coal and closed for wood. This also doubles up as a riddler but because of the stove's small size the riddler is not very effective. Easier to open the grate then push the ash about with a poker so it drops through into the ash pan. There are two slider controls, one at the bottom of the stove, one at the top. The top is mainly to control the airwash. This stove is supremely controllable. We have no problem keeping it in overnight using smokeless ovals with a bit of ash on top. Because the stove is so controllable you can, once you've got it going, keep it ticking over with hard wood logs in a very economical way, a few logs will last all evening. To sum up, we couldn't be happier with this stove. I recommend it to you."

Rating Overall4.8*
Reviewed by:H Partridge - March 2012
Stove Expert Replied:Good review of this model, happy customer

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