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Lynn News, 21 June 2005

A whole range of services from central heating to bathroom installation to woodburners, fireplace restoration and general building, are available from Cliffords Heating, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering, based at Terrington St. John.

Steve Paull, proprietor of Cliffords, has professional qualifications in heating and plumbing, electrical work and engineering.

The core element of the business is plumbing and central heating, with a full design and installation service available.

Bathroom and shower installations, system power flushes, boiler changes and services and system maintenance, chimney lining, wood burners, Rayburn and Aga, fireplace restoration, flue replacement, electrical installation, re-wires and general building – the list of services is comprehensive.

Woodburner and chimney liner jobs are often linked, and sometimes involve rebuilding a chimney breast.

Work on a bathroom may involve taking out walls or doing work in the roof, again Cliffords have the necessary skills.

The proprietor is a member of the Institute of British Engineers, is 16th edition electrician qualified, and Cliffords is both CORGI registered for gas central heating and OFTEC registered for oil-fired boilers and appliances.

Cliffords are also Anglian Water approved contractors and are members of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers.

Under the new regulations on electrical work, electrical installations must now be fully compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations – even minor alterations may require full certification and testing.

Want to have free hot water?

The Government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions as part of the Kyoto agreement. New legislations are being introduced, and will continue to be, in order to meet set targets on pollutants in the atmosphere.

Part L of the building regulations have changed, with very few exceptions all boilers fitted must now be of the condensing type. Boiler boilers have a short stay of execution; however, this will also change in 2007.

So what is a condensing boiler?

Well, if you put your hand near the flue of your existing boiler when it is running, you will feel heat. A condensing boiler draws this heat back in and re-uses it. The gases exiting these boilers are mostly steam, no heated wasted, more heat to your boiler and home, and ultimately a saving of fuel usage and, of course, emissions.

Yes they are slightly more expensive due to the construction, but demand will eventually resolve this. Remember how much DVD players used to cost?

Solar Collectors

So what about free hot water? Well, the condensing boiler is going some way to contribute to that, but if you are feeling particularly green, using fuel from renewable sources is the way forward. Top of the list is solar heating, and before you say it (we don’t get the weather here) read on!

Technology has advanced greatly in this area; solar collectors convert light into heat. Without all the graphs and technical stuff, it means you can gain up to 70% of your hot water heating needs through this technology.

This can give savings of between 60 and 70% on your energy bill, reducing the need for your boiler to keep firing up, extending its life (average boiler life expectancy in a standard installation is 10-15 years).

You will reduce your CO2 emissions by up to two tonnes.

This pleases the Government and at this time there are grants available to assist with the cost of the installation.

Average installation costs can vary between £2,000 and £4,000 with varying payback times. The installations have a 35-year life expectancy and a 20-year warranty. We expect them to last longer, but have to draw a line somewhere.

Wood-burning appliances

FACT: Wood is a carbon neutral fuel.

This means that, unlike fossil fuels, the burning of it makes no net additions that contribute to global warming. Providing that the wood is sourced from coppiced supplies or from damaged or diseased trees, it is a renewable energy.

Again, advances in technology mean that there are various systems available to gain the most from this type of fuel; even fully automated wood pellet appliances.

There are many other options available to the homeowner, and improvements to existing systems can be made which will ultimately save you money and help save the environment.

So what can Cliffords do for you?

It is a trained energy-efficient business and can assess your needs, make recommendations, and install or modify whatever you need.

It is trained and certified by the Sold Fuel Association and can assess your needs, make recommendations, and install or modify whatever you need.

It is trained and certified by the Solid Fuel Association as has the capacity to rebuild, line, or recommission most chimneys and flues.

It can even put a new chimney in for you if you don’t have one (subject to site conditions). Cliffords are approved installers for Genersys solar technology, and all of its surveys and quotations are free and without obligation.

You will get no hard sales or pushy salesmen; it is an honest, hardworking business with a weather eye on the environment.

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